What Western & Northern Liberals are saying about Sachit

Sachit has been crossing the country from coast to coast to coast building his team. See what people are saying about Sachit.

I have known Sachit for years and he has always been an active supporter of my campaigns and I’m proud to call him a friend. He is exactly what the Liberal party needs in a president. Sachit is a proven leader and organizer at the local and national level. He is the person we need to get our party ready to fight the Conservatives in the next election and I'm thrilled to support him.

Hon. Dan Vandal
MP for Saint Boniface—Saint Vital

Throughout his years of service to our Party, Sachit Mehra has proven himself to be both a trusted and capable leader. I know that if elected as our new LPC President, Sachit will bring a strong western voice to our National Board and continue his efforts to build our Party from coast to coast to coast.

Hon. Randy Boissonnault
MP for Edmonton Centre

Canada needs more of the prairies and more Manitoba. Sachit Mehra is the voice we need to represent us at the national level. His commitment to the Liberal party and his community is unquestioned. His experience in business, management, fundraising and advocacy is impressive. I am so excited to support Sachit and I look forward to him becoming the next President of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Hon. Jim Carr
MP for Winnipeg South Centre

I have known Sachit for over a decade, and never have I met an individual with such a strong commitment towards volunteerism. Sachit’s commitment to the Liberal party continues to be steadfast and his drive to encourage political participation and growing our party has been monumental throughout our country.    Sachit has become a friend to me as he has volunteered in various roles which have contributed significantly to my 2016, 2019 and already in the capacity of hosting fundraisers towards my 2023 campaigns.    I’m grateful for Sachit, how he brings people together and am honoured to endorse him.  

Cindy Lamoureux
MLA for Tyndall Park

Important to me, Sachit is a grassroots Liberal who has been there for me and other Liberal candidates - at the doors or raising funds – and knows what it takes to elect Liberals from coast to coast to coast. Sachit has put his heart and soul into building our party at the local, provincial and national level and I have no hesitancy in endorsing him for President of the Liberal Party of Canada at the National Convention in May 2023.

Terry Duguid
MP for Winnipeg South

I have known Sachit for many years and his tenacity to build a healthier Liberal Party is incredible and one of the reasons why Manitoba has a Liberal Party presence. I know he will bring that experience and passion to the job as LPC President and I support him 100%.

Kevin Lamoureux
MP for Winnipeg North

The Liberal Party of Canada must be inclusive, forward-looking, and strive to make Canada better. That's the work I believe in. That's the work that the IPC has been leading in. For me, I couldn't think of anyone else more ready at this moment to be the next President of the Liberal Party of Canada than Sachit. I'm confident that in this role Sachit will continue to support the goal of reconciliation with First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples.

Reina Sinclair
IPC Co-Chair

Sachit's dedication to our party and its menbers is unmatched. I have been impressed watching him connect with Liberals from across the country, listening to the issues that matter most to them and ensuring that they have a voice at the table. His visit to Calgary this past week shows how committed he is to continue growing the Party in Alberta, inlcuding electing more MPs. I'm thri.led to endore him as the next president of our party.

George Chahal
MP for Calgary Skyview

I have known Sachit Mehra for over ten years and have had the privilege of sitting on several boards with him. Over the years, Sachit has demonstrated to me that he is not only a compassionate and understanding mentor but a leader for the Liberal Party in the many roles he has held. A vote for Sachit is not only a vote for a hard-working, intelligent, and loyal Liberal but for the future of the Liberal Party.

Alexander Gilroy
Liberal Party of Canada (Manitoba) Regional Director

I was thrilled to see Sachit annouce that he'd be running for LPC President. I am supporting Sachit because of his management experise, keen political sense, and ability to inspire those around him to be better. I have total confidence in Sachit's leadership ability and unreservedly give him my 100% support for LPC President.

Jeremiah Kopp
Lawyer, Past YLC-MB President

Sachit Mehra is the right choice for President because of his immense passion for the Liberal Party. Due to his previous positions in the YLC, Sachit respects and understands the important role that youth play, and knows that the youth is the future of the Party. He has been a major support and source of help for us in starting our campus club. I am pleased to give Sachit Mehra my endorsement for the next president of the party.

Adil Hyatt
President, University of Manitoba Young Liberals

I have known Sachit since the early moments of my involvement with the Liberal Party of Canada. After watching him serve as a leader in the Winnipeg community for decades, I can attest first-hand to the power of his voice – one that is rooted in a deep sense of obligation to make the world a better place, and fuelled by an energy and work ethic that is of the highest standard. The Liberal Party will benefit immensely from what Sachit will bring to the role of President, and I wholeheartedly support him, and encourage fellow Liberal to do the same at our convention in Ottawa.

Ben Carr
Candidate, Winnipeg South Centre

Sachit was one of the first people I met when I became active in the Liberal Party. Since then I have personally seen his commitment and dedication to make our party the strongest voice for Manitobans and all Canadians. His experience, wisdom and leadership is unquestioned. I am proud to stand with him in his campaign to be the next President of the LPC.

Jeff Kovalik-Plouffe
Lifelong Liberal Organizer