What Atlantic Liberals are saying about Sachit

Sachit has been crossing the country from coast to coast to coast building his team. See what people are saying about Sachit.

This man has the hustle and the heart and the vision. He’s a natural leader in business and in his community, and his loyal following and professional success speak for themselves. I endorse Sachit Mehra as our next President of the Liberal Party.

Hon. Seamus O'Regan
St. John's South—Mount Pearl

I am supporting Sachit Mehra as the next President of the Liberal Party of Canada. In my conversations with him, I know that he has the vision to move our party forward. He has the experience in business, politics and philanthropy that we need to win campaigns and win over communities. He understands the tools our EDAs and grassroot members require to continue moving our party in the right direction. Each riding is unique and Sachit knows that listening to our members is key to growing our support from coast to coast to coast. I’m very excited to help him achieve those goals!

Bobby Morrisey
MP for Edgemont

I am proud to wholehearteldy throw my support behind Sachit Mehra as the next President of LPC. With 30 years of campaign experience behind him, I am confident in his ability to strengthen and grow the grassroots of the party. His political values of inclusion and community will fight back against the Conservatives' politics of anger and division. He has earned my trust, I am confident he will earn the trust of Liberals and Canadians across the country, including here in Atlantic Canada.

Andy Fillmore
MP for Halifax

Sachit has what you need in a Party President: Whip smart, caring, hardworking and focused. His customer service and business knowledge make him an ideal candidate for the job. I'm so happy he put his name forward and even happier to endorse him.

Zach Churchill
Leader, Nova Scotia Liberal Party

I’m from rural Newfoundland and Labrador and I know first hand how different and often difficult campaigning can be in rural communities. Sachit Mehra understands that too. He knows how important it is to nominate candidates early and to support them every step of the way, especially in rural and remote Indigenous ridings, because those are the seats we must win to give us a path to another majority government. His 60/40 Victory Fund policy will allow EDA’s to keep more money in their war chests so our candidates are ready to campaign immediately in their communities. Organization matters, experience matters, leadership matters and listening matters. With Sachit Mehra as our next LPC president I know we will be ready to fight and win the next election.

Hon. Gudie Hutchings
MP for Long Range Mountains

As an Acadian, it's always wonderful to meet french speakers, like Sachit, from across the country. Sachit has won me over with his deep commitment to engaging with communities big and small across the country. The Liberal Party is an inclusive place for everyone to come, bring their ideas, and make a positive difference in the ongoing story of this country. I believe Sachit shares in building on that story for the coming years. For my part, I'm voting for Sachit!

Darrell Samson
MP for Sackville—Preston—Chezzetcook

The Liberal Party of Canada's National Board and its leadership plays a critical role. It's there to oversee the organization and ensure its long-term health and readiness. I'm confident that Sachit Mehra's experience and financial skills will help the Party to build, grow, and engage in every region of this beautiful country. I'm with Sachit.

Hon. Geoff Regan
Former Liberal MP for Halifax West Former Cabinet Minister and Speaker of the House of Commons