What Liberals are saying about Sachit

Sachit has been crossing the country from coast to coast to coast building his team. See what people are saying about Sachit.

Sachit Mehra is smart, dedicated, and one of the hardest working people I know. As a small business owner from Manitoba, Sachit understands and respects the distinctiveness of communities across the country. I'm supporting and endorsing Sachit Mehra as President of the Liberal Party of Canada because he's here to deliver for Liberals and Canadians.

Hon. Melanie Joly
MP for Ahuntsic-Cartierville

I have known Sachit for years and he has always been an active supporter of my campaigns and I’m proud to call him a friend. He is exactly what the Liberal party needs in a president. Sachit is a proven leader and organizer at the local and national level. He is the person we need to get our party ready to fight the Conservatives in the next election and I'm thrilled to support him.

Hon. Dan Vandal
MP for Saint Boniface—Saint Vital

This man has the hustle and the heart and the vision. He’s a natural leader in business and in his community, and his loyal following and professional success speak for themselves. I endorse Sachit Mehra as our next President of the Liberal Party.

Hon. Seamus O'Regan
St. John's South—Mount Pearl

Throughout his years of service to our Party, Sachit Mehra has proven himself to be both a trusted and capable leader. I know that if elected as our new LPC President, Sachit will bring a strong western voice to our National Board and continue his efforts to build our Party from coast to coast to coast

Hon. Randy Boissonnault
MP for Edmonton Centre

Sachit understands how important it is for our party to have a presence across Canada, which includes rural communities. I believe he is the best person to implement a new strategy to help us strengthen our support and increase our seats outside of big cities. He will spend the time and energy that is needed to reach out to rural members and EDAs and give them the tools they need to grow. I’m happy to endorse him for President of the Liberal Party.

Sophie Chatel
MP for Pontiac

Canada needs more of the prairies and more Manitoba. Sachit Mehra is the voice we need to represent us at the national level. His commitment to the Liberal party and his community is unquestioned. His experience in business, management, fundraising and advocacy is impressive. I am so excited to support Sachit and I look forward to him becoming the next President of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Hon. Jim Carr
MP for Winnipeg South Centre

With his extensive business and board experience, Sachit will be an exceptional President for our party. Sachit will build a stronger party that will be focused motivating our grassroots and volunteers to help elect another Liberal government

Hon. Marc Miller
MP for Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Soeurs

As a Liberal MP since 2015, I am happy to endorse Sachit Mehra to be the next president of Liberal Party of Canada. With his long track record of accomplishments and commitment to the party combined with his business experience, he is ideally suited to take the party in the right direction. His proven leadership skills make him as a strong candidate for the party president position.

Chandra Arya
MP for Nepean

I am supporting Sachit Mehra to become the next President of the Liberal Party of Canada. As a life-long progressive activist and volunteer, Sachit knows what it takes to sustain a strong political movement. He is a successful small business owner, a community builder, and a devoted Liberal. He brings an entrepreneurial spirit and a Prairie perspective to the Liberal Party. Sachit is experienced, talented, and motivated. He will work hard to make the Liberal Party, and our country, the best it can be. I am proud to lend him my support.

Yasir Naqvi
MP for Ottawa Centre

I have known Sachit for over a decade, and never have I met an individual with such a strong commitment towards volunteerism. Sachit’s commitment to the Liberal party continues to be steadfast and his drive to encourage political participation and growing our party has been monumental throughout our country.    Sachit has become a friend to me as he has volunteered in various roles which have contributed significantly to my 2016, 2019 and already in the capacity of hosting fundraisers towards my 2023 campaigns.    I’m grateful for Sachit, how he brings people together and am honoured to endorse him.  

Cindy Lamoureux
MLA for Tyndall Park

Sachit Mehra has the experience in the party to take us to next level. Sachit has experience working for rural and remote communities and for hard fought campaigns. Sachit would strengthen our party from coast to coast to coast. I'm proud to endorse Sachit for Party President.

Vance Badawey
MP for Niagara Centre

As a MP who understands the importance of diverse voices around the table, I am proud to support Sachit Mehra for President of our party. He is a lifelong Liberal who brings a wealth of personal experience in business, community organizing, and fundraising that is needed as we prepare to fight the Poilievre Conservatives in the next election. Sachit is the type of leader who will help ensure all voices are respected and represented.

Salma Zahid
MP for Scarbrough Centre

As a small business owner, community activist, volunteer, and lifelong devoted Liberal, Sachit Mehra has what it takes to continue to move our party forward. Sachit has the experience to engage with volunteers across the country and a vision built on community and inclusion. We need his energy to build our movement and I am proud to endorse him as the next President of our party.

Hon. Mona Fortier
MP for Ottawa—Vanier

LPC needs a president that can bring urban and rural Canadians together, uniting our party from coast to coast to coast. Sachit Mehra is a proud Manitoban, successful business owner and strong community leader with years of experience under his belt. He will unite our party and bring Liberals and Canadians together. His party experience and involvement is second to none and I am pleased to offer him my support and endorsement to be the next president of LPC. I encourage all members to join me in supporting Sachit at the upcoming Biennial Convention.

Hon. François-Philippe Champagne
MP for Saint-Maurice—Champlain

Important to me, Sachit is a grassroots Liberal who has been there for me and other Liberal candidates - at the doors or raising funds – and knows what it takes to elect Liberals from coast to coast to coast. Sachit has put his heart and soul into building our party at the local, provincial and national level and I have no hesitancy in endorsing him for President of the Liberal Party of Canada at the National Convention in May 2023.

Terry Duguid
MP for Winnipeg South

I am supporting Sachit Mehra as the next President of the Liberal Party of Canada. In my conversations with him, I know that he has the vision to move our party forward. He has the experience in business, politics and philanthropy that we need to win campaigns and win over communities. He understands the tools our EDAs and grassroot members require to continue moving our party in the right direction. Each riding is unique and Sachit knows that listening to our members is key to growing our support from coast to coast to coast. I’m very excited to help him achieve those goals!

Bobby Morrisey
MP for Edgemont

As a fellow small business owner, Sachit understands the importance of community and inclusion. His drive to achieve real progress for the party and Canadians, coupled with his grassroots experience means he knows how to get the hard work done. I'm happy to endorse Sachit as President of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Ya'ara Saks
MP for York Centre

I am proud to wholehearteldy throw my support behind Sachit Mehra as the next President of LPC. With 30 years of campaign experience behind him, I am confident in his ability to strengthen and grow the grassroots of the party. His political values of inclusion and community will fight back against the Conservatives' politics of anger and division. He has earned my trust, I am confident he will earn the trust of Liberals and Canadians across the country, including here in Atlantic Canada.

Andy Fillmore
MP for Halifax

Not only as an MP, but as a former National Director for the Liberal Party of Canada, it has been impressive watching Sachit connect with Liberals from all across the country. With his over 30 years of volunteering and business experience, Sachit has a proven record of bringing people together and laying the foundation for success and change. I am excited to join Team Sachit and support him to be the next president of our party.

Steven Mackinnon
MP for Gatineau

As a former Young Liberal president, Sachit understands the importance of young people and young liberals being not only at the table but actively part of decision making. Sachit knows young liberals have and will continue to play a critical role in LPC and the country. I'm proud to support Sachit Mehra for President of the Liberal Party of Canada because for Sachit youth aren't an afterthought or a prop.

Momina Malik
UTSC President and OYL Regional coordinator

I'm supporting Sachit Mehra for President of the Liberal Party of Canada because he knows the importance of training, empowering and investing in young people. Sachit helped deliver for Young Liberals when he was both YLC President of Manitoba and when he was LPC President for Manitoba. He's actually here for young liberals.

Arvin Baradaran-Rajabzadeh
President, York Young Liberals OYL Regional Coordinator

Sachit is a proven leader, his work ethic second to none. He is dedicated to building a better country, and with his qualifications and experience, I am thrilled that Sachit has put his name forward. I am proud to join Team Sachit, and he has my full support for president of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Shaun Chen
MP for Scarborough North

As a lifelong Liberal and small business owner, Sachit has the experience that our party needs to reach cities and small communities around the country. He understands how to grow a grassroots organization. With his 30 years of experience in the party, I know he will deliver for Liberals and Canadians. I'm happy to endorse Sachit as President of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Chris Bittle
MP for St. Catharines

I’m proud to support Sachit because he is exactly the leader our party needs right now. He is a grassroots liberal who knows that riding associations are the heart of our Liberal movement and will work tirelessly to support all ridings including unheld ones. Sachit is bilingual and has shown himself to be open-minded, thoughtful and caring. I have a tremendous amount of respect for his commitment to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Annalisa Harris
Vice Chair, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Westmount Liberal Association

As a fellow entrepreneur from humble beginnings, Sachit understands and can deliver on the work that is needed to engage and lift up Canadians and Liberals. He will bring his passion, dedication and energy to this role and be a tireless advocate for grassroots Liberals. I could not be more proud to endorse Sachit as President of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Shafqat Ali
MP for Brampton Centre

I have known Sachit for many years and his tenacity to build a healthier Liberal Party is incredible and one of the reasons why Manitoba has a Liberal Party presence. I know he will bring that experience and passion to the job as LPC President and I support him 100%.

Kevin Lamoureux
MP for Winnipeg North

Liberals can only get elected and govern if we have a strong Liberal Party. Committed volunteers across the country, strong fundraising and excellent organization. We have an extraordinary staff but the volunteer leadership of the party is absolutely critical to our success. Sachit Mehra has all the qualities needed to be an excellent party President. He is a lifelong Liberal who has dedicated himself to the party for decades. He understands the grassroots and is always ready to roll up his sleeves work hard. I know he will follow the great legacy of Presidents like Anna Gainey and Suzanne Cowan and will have the party apparatus ready for the next election.

Anthony Housefather
MP for Mount Royal

Sachit Mehra has what we need in an LPC President. Kind, hard working, and one of the most dedicated people I know. Sachit's 30 years of experience as a community leader, business owner, and party volunteer give him the first hand knowledge needed for the job. I'm proud to endorse Sachit Mehra for president because he's committed to lifting people up and engaging new voices in Canada and the party.

Iqra Khalid
MP for Mississauga—Erin Mills

Sachit will make sure voices from every corner of the country are heard as we continue to grow and strengthen our Party. His commitment to hard work, his intelligence, thoughtfulness and passion for our party, combined with real - world experience in building relationships and organizations are exactly the qualities we need in the President of the Liberal Party of Canada. I'm happy to be supporting him and can't wait to work with him in building for the future.

Taleeb Noormohamed
MP for Vancouver Granville

With his business and volunteering experience, Sachit understands the importance of connecting with volunteers on the ground who are the heart and soul of our party. I have been impressed watching him travel from coast, to coast, to coast connecting with everyone from across our party. I am pleased to offer my support and endorse him to be the next president of our party.

Ruby Sahota
MP for Brampton North

I knew from the moment I met Sachit that he was the right person to be our next Liberal Party of Canada President. He is passionate about people, he is driven to succeed, and he is determined to deliver results. Taking on the top job isn't an easy task, but I know that our Party will be in good hands with Sachit Mehra as President.

Bryan May
MP for Cambridge

As a fellow small buisness owner, what I appreciate the most about Sachit is his passion, determination, and commitment to community. He is hard working and knows how to get results. These are all proven qualities of a leader and are traits I know will serve our Party well. This is why I'm thrilled to support Scahit Mehra as our next Liberal Party of Canada President.

Rechie Valdez
MP for Mississauga-Streetsville

When I first met Sachit, the thing that struck me the most was his optomism and enegry. He has fresh ideas that will propel our Party forward and ensreu volunteers and grassroots organizers remain at its core. I'm thriilled to throw my support behind Sachit Mehra for President of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Hon. Ahmed Hussen
MP for York South-Weston

The Liberal Party of Canada must be inclusive, forward-looking, and strive to make Canada better. That's the work I believe in. That's the work that the IPC has been leading in. For me, I couldn't think of anyone else more ready at this moment to be the next President of the Liberal Party of Canada than Sachit. I'm confident that in this role Sachit will continue to support the goal of reconciliation with First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples.

Reina Sinclair
IPC Co-Chair

I'm glad to call Sachit a friend and fellow National Board Memeber. He's been a solid, reliable, hard-working colleague at the table. He has done the work to win seats west of Ontario and to engage with Indigenous communities and peoples. This is the way we will win elections and show voters what we're truly about. Our Liberal team depeds on a strong team, and I'm happy to say Sachit is the right personto lead that work.

Conrad Desjarlais
IPC Co-Chair

Sachit Mehra's commitment to our party over the past several decades is a testement of conviction and dedication. His vast experience as an EDA executive memeber (multiple roles) over many years gives him great insight into what needs doing in preparing us for the next election, and forwrd. Sachit's leadership in chairing the Federal Liberal Agency of Canada has placed, and continues to place, our party on solid ground. I'm honoured in endorsing Sachit as our President as I believe his hard work, understanding and engagement is exactly what our party needs moving forward.

Ray Won
Policy Chair, Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)

Sachit is a proven community leader and successful buisness owner who has shown over and over his ability to organize people to deliver results. His long-time passion for our party and for a prosperous, fair, and diverse Canada will drive him as President. I am happy to endorse Sachit Mehra for Liberal Party of Canada President

Hon. Harjit S. Sajjan
MP for Vancouver South

Sachit's dedication to our party and its menbers is unmatched. I have been impressed watching him connect with Liberals from across the country, listening to the issues that matter most to them and ensuring that they have a voice at the table. His visit to Calgary this past week shows how committed he is to continue growing the Party in Alberta, inlcuding electing more MPs. I'm thri.led to endore him as the next president of our party.

George Chahal
MP for Calgary Skyview

Sachit is one of a kind. I cannot be more impressed with his leadership, his volunteerism, and his dedication to the Liberal Party of Canada. He has the qualities and the experience to strengthen and enhance Liberal grassroots across Canada. This is why I am proud to support Sachit Mehra to be the next president of LPC!

Wilson Miao
MP for Richmond-Centre

Sachit Mehra is a dedicated community leader who has committed to strengthening our Liberal party. He is ensuring Liberals from across the country are having their vocies heard and understands the importance of our volunteers. Sachit has the experience and qualities that we need in the President of the Liberal Party of Canada. I am glad to be supporting Sachit Mehra.

Randeep Sarai
MP for Surrey-Centre

Sachit's approach to politics brings people togeather. He is committed to protect the bilingualism of the Liberal Party of Canada and giving a strong voice to Canadians and Quebecers in rural regions. I'm thrilled that he's put his name forward to lead out volunteer movement across the country and to be endorsing his campaign.

Diane Lebouthillier
MP for Gaspésie-Les îles-de-la-Madeleine

I have been involved in our party since I was 13. as someone who has had the opportunity to take on many roles including Youth Vice-President, Vice-President Female, Secretary, and Policy Office, I know how important the grassroots are to our success. With hsi significant grassroots experience, I know that Sachit will work hard for Liberals right across this country. I am pleased to offer my endorsement for him to become the next President of our party.

Anju Dhillon
MP for Dorval-Lachine-LaSalle

Sachit has been a tireless and committed activist in our Party for decades. Liberal volunteers, organizers, and board memebers have worked alongside and learned from Sachit. This mentorship to build up the next generation of organizers, campaigners, and candidates is what we need in a President of the Liberal Party of Canada right now. his bountiful energy and unmatched work ethic keep him grounded, knocking on thousands of doors, while being able to build a long term vision, that will precede him. I have no doubt he will be right alongside us for many campaigns to come. I'm on Team Sachit.

Gary Anandasangaree
MP for Scarborough-Rouge Park

Being a candidate and a Liberal MP, it's much better when you know the national effort is supporting you in getting elected at the local level. I know we can count on Sachit to listen, support, and stay grounded. He'll help us acess the kinds of tools, products, and information that we need to be successful. Wishing you all the best in your campaign, Sachit! I'm with you all the way.

Kim Rudd
Former Liberal MP for Northumberland-Peterborough South

I have known Sachit Mehra for over ten years and have had the privilege of sitting on several boards with him. Over the years, Sachit has demonstrated to me that he is not only a compassionate and understanding mentor but a leader for the Liberal Party in the many roles he has held. A vote for Sachit is not only a vote for a hard-working, intelligent, and loyal Liberal but for the future of the Liberal Party.

Alexander Gilroy
Liberal Party of Canada (Manitoba) Regional Director

The Liberal Party of Canada needs a seasoned leader to guide us through the coming years. Liberals need to compete everywhere. Our Party's gretest moments come when we are ambitious, open, and well resourced. Sachit understands the support from the Party cannot be one-size fits all. He has my confidence and support.

Hon. Sheila Copps
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Enviroment Minister, and Canadian Heritage Minister Former MP for Hamilton East and MPP for Hamilton Centre

Sachit Mehra has what it takes to help drive our Liberal team forward as the next party president. I've seen him in action - and I know that he will lead by example as our volunteer-in-chief. His values, his integrity, and his work ethic are exactly what we need to take our party into the future.

Jonathan Wilkinson
MP for North Vancouver

I am pleased to support Sachit as LPC President. His collaborative approach to new ideas and experience with party operations, will allow us to be both innovative on the gorund and keep a "steady hand on the wheel" into the next election. Being from Winnipeg, he also brings a greater understanding of the diversity of our ridings from coast to coast.

Nicole Brassard
Past Director of Operations, LPC

I was thrilled to see Sachit annouce that he'd be running for LPC President. I am supporting Sachiut because of his management experise, keen political sense, and ability to inspire those around him to be better. I have total confidence in Sachi'ts leadership ability and unreservedly give him my 100% support for LPC President

Jeremiah Kopp
Lawyer, Past YLC-MB President

Though I have tremendous respect for both candidates, I found Sachit Mehra especially articulate, passionate, and optomisitc about the role of LPC President. He has my endorsement for the depth of his experience and follow through, as well as his suppor for they key role that Commissions play in the Liberal family.

Hilary Willianson
Seniors' Liberal Commission Co-Chair (English)

Having been a Liberal MP in successful and not so successful times, I know first-hand that we need to be resilient and hard working to win. We need to be planning ahead, innovating, and building a campaign that will better earn the trust of Canadians. Sachit's leadership can get us there. He will help us outreach, raise money, and, yes, win. Going into the convention this May, Sachit is my choice for President.

Hon. Navdeep Bains
Former MP for Mississauga—Malton

I'm supporting Sachit Mehra for President because he took the time to call. As the former YLC Manitoba President, Sachit understands the important role that the youth play within the LPC. I am proud to endorse him as our next party president.

Avagail Rucker
President of University of Toronto Young Liberals (Federal)

The next LPC President must have the political, business and real world experience needed to be successful. Sachit has decades of experience in all three fields. That's invaluable. LPC President is not a position where you can afford to learn on the job. You need to be ready to lead on day 1. That is why I am enthusiastically endorsing the candidacy of Sachit Mehra and will lend my voice and my time to ensure he is elected as the next LPC President. Please join me in helping elect Sachit Mehra as your next LPC President.

Tyler Banham
Past President, Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)

I proudly endorse Sachit's candidacy for Party President. As a long-time volunteer and as the party's Québec Director, I know how Sachit's hope and hard work make a difference on the ground. Sachit is committed to protecting bilingualism across the country, and supporting all regions of our country to being well represented in Ottawa. A vote for Sachit is a vote for a strong party, and above all a prosperous Québec and Canada.

Marc-Etienne Vien
Director, Liberal Party of Canada (Québec)