Sachit Mehra is a successful entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly to give back to his community.

As co-owner and manager of East India Company Pub and Eatery, boasting over 650 seats in locations in both Winnipeg and Ottawa, Sachit is devoted to ensuring every visitor has an exceptional dining experience.

Devoted to customer service and loyalty, Sachit makes it his mission to connect with each and every patron. He is qualified in food handling and every facet of restaurant operation – from cooking in the kitchen to customer service to bar operations and staff management. He has focused his life on his love for restaurants and is continually looking for ways to bring his cuisine to the public.

Sachit’s other passions are his family and his community. The father of two sons, Mohit and Givan, Sachit and his wife, Caroline, helped create much needed daycare spaces at École Viscount Alexander. As well, Sachit has served as a director on the King’s Park Child Care Board.

Over the past seven years, the annual charity event that he founded, The Masala Mixer, has raised over $50,000 for a number of initiatives at the Victoria General Hospital such as improvements to palliative care, minimally invasive surgery and the Miracle Garden.

In addition to giving back to his community, Sachit has a passion for improving Winnipeg as a whole. He has served as the Chair of the Winnipeg Downtown BIZ and a member of the 2015 Grey Cup Steering Committee. Through his volunteer activities, Sachit understands what is needed to develop a growing and thriving city. He was instrumental in establishing two successful locations of the Downtown Farmers’ Market as well as fostering strong connections between the centralized sites and the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market.

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